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Smc log has established an internationalized business operation team. It employs over 100 international trade professionals, including 65 university degree holders in foreign languages,

We also employ over 30 multilingual talents professionals.

After many years of practice in international trade, they familiarize with laws and regulations of the relevant countries, have a good command of industrial expertise, foreign language, international common practice and the rules of international market operation and establish wide information channels. We are very good at dealing with LC terms.

Is your supplier located in China but with poor trade knowledge?

Are you looking for a partner to organize your trades? Do you want to ship medical materials in short time to saving lives?

Our network makes you at home in every Chinese port. This means your exports can be handled by us to ensure that everything runs smoothly and quickly within the shortest possible transit times.

Our value-added services for export agent:

We can help to do LC pre-checking and do forfaiting for Usance L/C.

We can provide interpretation services in English, Japanese, Korean, Arab, French, Spanish, Russian and other languages

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  • Rolled Cople for pipe

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