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Factory Evaluation before Purchasing

Many customers hope that the supplier's management system in terms of quality, social responsibility, anti-terrorism, etc. meets certain requirements, so they will themselves or entrust a third-party inspection company to check the factory status before placing an order. After confirming that the factory does not have major or serious problems, Only then can the factory be included in the list of qualified suppliers, and orders will be placed and long-term cooperation.

SMC LOG is your trusted third-party partner. We adhere to a transparent, fair and rigorous attitude, and conducts a comprehensive inspection of suppliers in accordance with the following points.

1. The importance of on-site observation

2. On-site atmosphere

3. Space utilization and layout

4. On-site standardization

5. Quality control

6. Visualization

7. Tool equipment status

8. Precautions for on-site observation

SMC LOG will make sure your order is safe and sound.

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