Company Overview

Established in February 2009, Shanghai Medical Corporation is a professional of medical company approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government to specialize in production and sales of various medical materials and medical devices. the main customers are inclide: medical institutions, wholesale enterprises, and retail pharmacies.

SMC has the legal medical qualification, and is mainly responsible for the major medical materials and medical devices at domestic and abroad market, and exports business, more than 70 countries and regions around the world, SMC has offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong to assist customers in purchasing and sales.

All products operated by the company have the medical qualifications stipulated by the state, and all exported products have qualified CE certificates. The issuing agencies include: ITS, TUV, SGS, APAVA, BSI, ICS, etc., as well as FDA certificates,

SMC Group has been manufacturing various metal materials since 1980s and has been selling to more than 100 countries and regions in the world since 2003. At the same time, SMC Group undertakes EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contracting, subcontracting and distribution of various projects. First-line brand of construction machinery, industrial machinery, agriculture, chemical industry, complete production lines, large-scale complete sets of equipment, electrical engineering equipment, accessories, etc., actively participate in international consulting for various investments and projects, the company has more than 100 engineers, including machinery, civil engineering , hydropower, chemical, high pressure and low pressure electricity, etc., and has English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, German, French, Japanese, Korean and other professional translators in more than 10 languages, assisting major projects at home and abroad smoothly Finish the construction.

Since the launch of the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative in 2013, SMC has deeply implemented the principles of mutual cooperation, joint construction, and sharing, giving full play to the advantages of  "SMC" brand, integrating internal resources, deepening the international market, and promoting housing construction, rail transit, airports, and electric power. , the expansion of professional engineering fields such as chemical industry, serving countries along the "Belt and Road", improving infrastructure, enhancing local people's well-being and improving the brand influence of the company. The company can provide investment financing, planning and design, construction contracting and equipment for customers at home and abroad. Manufacturing, management and operation of the entire industry chain integration integration services, a package of overall solutions for the construction of investment development partners.